Flow-FX2 is the next generation in calcium phosphate cement, fulfilling the requirements of surgeons for the routine clinical application of bioactive cementing technology.

Flow-FX2 is biocompatible and remodels via cell-mediated processes in a mechanical stress-directed fashion, instead of dissolving away before bone infilling can occur. Flow-FX2 is so advanced because of its improved tensile strength and intraoperative handling properties.

  • Allows for natural bone remodeling while still maintaining the strength of cancellous bone
  • Easy to mix and deliver with supplied mixing system
  • Fast, hard-setting; approximately 5 minutes at 37°C in wet environment
  • Immediate higher compressive strength than cancellous bone
  • Can be drilled and inserted with screws
  • May be implanted before or after hardware allowing surgeons to maintain their standard surgical technique and allowing precise cement and hardware placement


Histology analysis demonstrated that Flow-FX2 is highly biocompatible and osteoconductive. Histological sections were examined following four weeks and six months in vivo and showed extensive bone apposition with no adverse tissue reaction. Normal bone remodeling by localized osteoclastic, cell mediated resorption coupled with new bone formation within the implanted area was a consistent finding in areas implanted with Flow-FX2.

Clinical Applications

  • Fractures of the Distal Radius (Colles), Proximal Humerous, Pelvic Bone, Proximal Femur (Intertroch, Femoral Neck), Distal Femur, Tibial Plateau, Tibial Pilon, Calcaneus
  • Simple voids in metaphyseal bone (small tumors, cysts, defects, traumatic fractures)
  • Osteotomies (Distal Radius, Tibial Plateau)
  • All Oncological applications
  • Revision Total Joints
  • Iliac Crest back fill