Class 1, 510k exempt, manual drill designed to fit on any handle with an HMT attachment.

  • Allows precision, over the guide wire decompression and biologic delivery to AVN, subchondral lesions, or other diseased bone conditions
  • Available in multiple diameters to achieve successful treatment while minimizing risk of collapse and fracture
  • Designed to complement Flow-FX’s product families, it delivers biologics that flow through a 16ga needle
  • Drill can be used to take precision biopsies
  • Surgical grade Stainless steel
Name Flow-Drill Cat # Outer Diameter Maximum Guide-Wire Suggested Screw Size
Flow-Drill™ 2.4mm 110-24 2.4mm 1.6mm 3.5mm
Flow-Drill™ 3.0mm 110-30 3.0mm 1.6mm 4.5mm
Flow-Drill™ 3.6mm 110-36 3.6mm 2.0mm 5.5mm
Flow-Drill™ 4.8mm 110-48 4.8mm 3.2mm 6.5/7.3mm
*Package contains 3 guide wires